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2022 "Paddle Board" Easter Egg Hunt

Well we had big hopes this year to do our Paddle Board Easter egg hunt after taking a couple years off due to Covid. We organized an awesome event and had a ton of prizing ready to go then..........Mother Nature threw a wrench into our plans with 50km winds. Thankfully it was still a beautiful sunny day though so we still had the egg hunt, just no paddle boarding.

Had a ton of fun with this one. We switched from our Paddle out to Little Mexico to meeting at Goose Spit in Comox for our Egg Hunt. Some eggs had candy, and others had numbers to over $2500 in prizing we gave away. Including some epic prizes for best costume and 4 Golden Eggs that had cash in them, or could risk giving up the cash for a chance at a mystery prize bag.

1st Place ~ Energizer Bunny

2nd Place ~ Easter Basket

3rd Place ~ Chocolate Bunny

4th Place ~ Taco Belle

And a BIG shout out to our sponsors for donating tons of amazing prizes!!


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