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Get out and explore on Amor....Lake

Last weekend I drove out to Amor lake on the North Island after a customer had told me how beautiful it was up there. And, well I do like to explore so off I went. Packed up all my gear for the day adventure and hit the road. To get here you drive up to Campbell River and then follow highway 19 north until just before you hit Roberts Lake Resort and turn left on Lakeview Road. Follow this gravel road 9km in (following the blackwater markers) till you reach Amor Lake Rec Site. Here, there is a boat launch for non motorized craft and 5 decent forestry campsites where you can camp for free... I think. Once I got my board unloaded and on the water it was time to explore. I heard that there was some nice sandy beaches here that were boat in access, but couldn't find them at first so I paddled around and found a few small islands on the lake that have campsites set up on them. They would be awesome in the summer months to camp on.

After stopping for a quick snack and drink of water I continued on to check out the rest of the lake which was surprisingly bigger than what I thought from looking at the map. determined to find these little sandy beaches I kept paddling and finally found one that must be a stop for the Sayward Canoe route as it had markers on it. Would be awesome to come back in the summer once the water warms up as it was a little bit chilly, even with the warm weather.

After some more water I started paddling back only to find some more awesome beaches, one of which had elk footprints in the sand which I should have stopped and taken more pics but, oh well. Made it back to the parking lot after grinding my fin in a shallow section (thumbs down), loaded up my board and hit the road back home. All in all I would definitely come back here to chill out on one of those beaches or private islands for the day to unplug (as there is no cell service). Maybe even tackle the canoe route on my SUP one day. I've done it years ago in a canoe but on a Paddle Board would be even more challenging.

Did I mention how quiet and peaceful it is out here? Only saw one other couple in a canoe, other than that it was just me and some Elk.

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