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Board Type: Touring (Flat water to Ocean chop)

Dimensions: 12'6" x 31"

Thickness: 7.9"

Volume: 279L

Rider Weight: 50-110 kg (110 - 243 lbs)

Weight: 15 kg

Fins: Dol-fin 22


**Note small chip in nose of board from shipping $150 off**


Exceptional glide from a hull based on the world champion All Star design. The added rail volume provides a unique balance and floatation to carry gear and supplies. The board pops up nicely on downwind runs, providing great glide.

This Touring paddle board is suited for all skill levels that want the fastest glide to paddle distances quickly with comfortable stability and the option to carry gear along the journey.




• Ultra-durable, scratch and impact resistant woven 200g twill azure rail protection.

• The combination of twin T-stringers deck and bottom to protect against total breakage. The T-stringers are positioned close to the rail working like an i-beam to endure heavy drops and strong wipeouts.

• Starlite now features a full deck of 0.6mm Australian pine wood which is sandwiched between 2 glass outer skins, increasing the overall total breakage strength and reducing the weight due to lower resin absorption.


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Starboard Touring 12'6" x 31" Starlite

C$2,759.00 Regular Price
C$2,609.00Sale Price
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