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Board Type: Touring Flat Water and Ocean Chop

Dimensions: 12'6" x 31"

Thickness: 7.9"

Volume: 279 L

Rider Weight: 50-110kg (110 to 243 lbs)

Weight: 14.2kg (31.2 lbs)

Fin Set Up: Dol-fin 22 


Exceptional glide from a hull based on the world champion All Star design. The added rail volume provides a unique balance and floatation to carry gear and supplies. The board pops up nicely on downwind runs, providing great glide.

This Touring paddle board is suited for all skill levels that want the fastest glide to paddle distances quickly with comfortable stability and the option to carry gear along the journey.




  • Extra rigidity with the introduction of unidirectional stringer bands and solid with added rail / nose reinforcements.
  • • Australian pine on the standing area for extra impact resistance and rigidity in the most critical area.
  • • All inserts have added high-density foam reinforcements.


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Starboard Touring 12'6" x 31" Lite Tech

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