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Join us Sunday April 9th, 11am at the Sail Buildings at the Comox Marina


Participate in this annual FREE community event. We will paddle from the Comox Marina as a group just off the beach of Little Mexico where participants will line up to race to the beach and find eggs that the Coast Easter Bunnies have hidden. Each egg will either have candy or tickets to amazing prizes (thank you to our AMAZING SPONSORS who have donated epic prizes). Don't forget to look for the 5 golden eggs that hold cash - these you can risk trading in for a better, BIGGER prize (or a not so great prize) The choice is yours!!! After combing the beach to ensure we have left no trace we will give out the prizes and have some snacks at the Marina. 

Make sure you dress up - we are giving away 3 huge prizes for best costume. Let's make this year event better than last year (hard to do!). 

PLEASE NOTE the following:

1. You will be asked to sign a waiver to participate (make sure you do before heading out)

2. Bring your paddle board, PFD and Leash 

3. This event is geared towards adults and big kids who can paddle on their own

Hoppy Hunting!!!

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